Many Many Thanks!!

Recently Jenny Komeda of Little Green Notebook and Lewis & Sheron Fabrics teamed up to host a competition where the winner received a $100 credit towards fabric from Lewis & Sheron.

I was the super lucky winner you guys!!!  I was on a total high for days, and I wanted to send a big thank you out to Jenny and Sheron & Lewis Fabrics!!

I have spent almost a week perusing fabrics, and to be honest, I am stuck.  We have a ton of projects that need fabric, there are so many great choices, and I am totally torn.

Verandah or Bedroom?  Verandah or Bedroom?


Start off right away with some light and breezy drapes, organic patterns are perfect! Bold and graphic trellis pattern for the banquet seating. Striped cushions for the banquet, bold lines and bright colours compliment the trellis.  Some fun and outrageous florals for the great vintage chairs with gold velour.
I can picture the whole thing put together already!

Or, Bedroom

Scandinavian inspired bird motif for the drapes.  Moving on to a trellis mixed with a light floral for chair upholstery and simple stripes for cushions for the chair.

The bedroom is really much more simple because we already have bedding, but the verandah holds a lot of serious potential for fun fabrics.

Decisions, decisions!

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