Reclaiming Space

We all have one.  That one room in the house that is a total wasteland.  Full of odds and ends, junk and hand me downs.  The room of collection.

We all walk by that room and sigh.  We know that room could be something great.  But until it then, it stagnates.

My room greets me every time I leave my house, and every time I return to it.  It's the first room visitors see, and its an eyesore.  It's my veranda.

Bikes have taken over my veranda :(
An entire wall of windows going to waste.

The really sad part is that my veranda is awesome you guys!  It is probably the best space in my house during the spring and summer and right now it is just going to waste.

But there is hope, oh yes there is and it starts with two chairs.  I picked them up today and I am so happy!!!

I even love the gold velour!!!
The table my husband and "les boys" made in highschool.  One of my favourites!

So that is where my reclamation of my veranda begins.  With two chairs.  Soon, there will be drapes, a carpet and room for my kiddo to play while Marc and I read and drink tea... or whatever two grown adults are supposed to do on a veranda.  Board games perhaps?

What room is your reclamation room?  Where do you begin to turn it around into a space that you love?

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