Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewelry

Here's the thing that I a lot of people probably don't know about me.  I own a lot of jewelry.  I may not wear it all that often, but its always there!  And for a long time it was taking up space here or there, 4 jewelry boxes scattered about my room.

Therein lies another problem.  Jewelry out of sight = jewelry out of mind.  I would never wear what I had because I would honestly forget what I had.

The solution?  A homemade DIY jewelry holder for my bedroom.  I had fallen in love with a DIY holder on pinterest that was really simple.  A board, some fabric and old cupboard handles.  It made the most fantastic holder.  But it wasn't quite me, yet.

You see, I love colour, and presently my room is devoid of it in so many ways.  This is phase 1 of mission "Fix the Bedroom".


- Ugly, cheap, "shabby chic" picture frames.
- Spray Paint
- Fabric of choice
- Batting. (Either loose batting or sheet batting will suffice.  Sheet batting will be easier to get a consistent plushness).
- Glue Gun
- Spray adhesive

Serious Kudos to my cousin Janine who was fantastic and gave me those flamingo cabinet pulls years ago, I never had a cabinet or dresser to put them on for years.  But I think this is so much better!

Sadly I didn't take progress photos, I wasn't really thinking at the time.  Next time no such mistake will be made.

I chose 3 different frames to create a sort of gallery effect.  Also if I needed more space later I can always add another frame or two in.


  1. I love this idea!
    Right now I have my earrings (a significant collection to be sure!) hanging on a pinkish indian scarf that I've hung near my closet. It's a pretty great temporary solution but I definitely see some of these fabulous jewelry frames in my future! Kudos!

  2. Yay!! So happy to inspire :) Thanks for coming by!