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If you have been looking around the internet lately, you've probably noticed that neon is back in a big way.  But not in a 1980's MWOOOOOAR NEON kind of way.  Neon has grown up ladies and gents.  Now, we see neon being paired with neutrals, whites, grays, taupes.
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And, as many of us know, what's big in fashion is also big in home decor.  Yes, neon is making its way into the home.  But, as with clothing, there is a right way and a wrong way to use neon.  Too much neon, and people are going to think that you wear your hair in a side pony and listen to Tiffany on your tape deck.

If you want to go bright, bright but are a bit wary of a lot of neon, use it as an accent.  Try to pair it with a more subdued colour palette throughout the rest of the room.  

Neon doors are so much fun!

Or if you are feeling more adventurous, play up your whole room and colour scheme around one or two bright neon, standout pieces.  

A dark colour scheme plays up the bright of the neon.
What do you think?  Would you have fun with neon in your home?

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