Dresser Redo - Part One

In the past year that we have been in our house, we have done very, very little in most rooms.  Not because we don't want to, more because we have been focusing on other things in our lives.

Our bedroom though, has become a bit of a sticking point lately.  It's ugly.  Straight up ugly.  Brown, no real storage, awful blinds.  Did I mention ugly?

We have been slowly working on our room, putting together the puzzle pieces really.  We bought an amazing bed from EQ3 that we love, a platform upholstered bento bed.  We have a gorgeous bedspread for said bed.  But everything else is really lacking.  Especially the giant black wardrobe thingy that was in the room when we moved in, it works for storage, but its so ugly it hurts.

So, we recently went shopping for dressers.  The hope was to find a couple of thrift store dressers for a decent price that we could redo into something that we love.  

Our qualifications:
- Modern Lines
- Wood
- Under $200

After only a couple of hours of shopping at thrift and antique stores we found what we wanted!  Two late mid-century styled dressers, and for the low low price of $125 for the set!  The only drawback was that they were finished with arborite, probably 1970's or so.  

But, we fell in love anyway and picked up our new dressers a few days later!

We don't love the taupe and dark brown colour scheme and the brass handles are really starting to wear.  Also, much of the arborite is starting to yellow from years of hands touching the drawers.  So, this next weekend will bring a much needed update in the form of paint!

We are going to keep the dual colour scheme, because that is part of what makes these pieces so fantastic!

Keep checking in for updates!

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