Walking in a winter wonderland!

This winter has been a really wonderful one in Saskatchewan this year, but has sadly been lacking in snow for much of the season.  Then there are days like the one's we have been experiencing for the last week, days that are filled with soft puffy snowflakes that float slowly to the ground.  Yet, even those days have been amazingly warm, perfect weather for taking kidlet out on the sleigh for a joyride!

So. Much. Fun!!

We enjoyed a much too short weekend visiting my inlaws and some close friends.  We all had a great time taking Anique and Brunswick out to a nearby park.

One of the other big developments for Anique is her love of sitting like a big girl in her big girl chair,  I can't stop grinning just thinking about how proud of herself she was.

PS.  Look who's walking everywhere!!!  I have hardly seen a crawl in two weeks!

It's sunny out!

The swing was not a hit

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