The small things

Lately I've been trying to relax a bit about life,  things aren't always easy and sometimes a whole lot of small things turn into a bunch of big things.

That was one of the best things about being on maternity leave, the ability to just sit back and relax.  I had time to really just live in the moment, and enjoy it all.  Time to cuddle with Anique on the sofa for nap, or bathtime fun, even just watching her for hours hoping to see some new and fabulous milestone.  

Being back at work (even from home) makes that kind of relaxation really hard.  You're tired, there are deadlines, clients aren't happy with their product, kiddo isn't sleeping, daycare wasn't as easy as you thought, so on and so on.  

The moment gets lost and muddled.

I realized that a couple of weeks ago.  The seas were getting rougher, the storm was building, and we all felt lost in the midst of it.  

Today I sat in the middle of my very messy kitchen and watched Anique explore, I just sat and enjoyed again.   I didn't just let the moment pass, I watched it pass and I enjoyed it pass.

I didn't worry about the dishes, or the toys, or the laundry, or the million diy projects cluttered around the house. Those can wait.

I'm going to make the effort to just enjoy more often, life is better that way.

This is one of the moments I really miss now.

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