Its been quiet lately

I've been a bit quiet around here lately, on the blog at least.

But it has been more than a bit busy in the real world at our house.  Between work, coaching rugby, coursework and family its been a busy busy week.

I started my coursework for RAIC syllabus this week and had my first assignment due Monday for a theory class.  If you don't know what syllabus is, it is essentially the distance education version of architecture school.  Usually, it takes 10 years to complete, but since I have an undergraduate degree in Architectural Science I should be able to pick up some credits and seriously decrease the time required to complete.  It is just one more step in the direction towards becoming a Registered Architect.

But even between all the busy I've still been trying to be really focused on sitting down everyday with Anique and just enjoying the time together.  I love the mischievous grin she gives me when she wants to play.  I love how fast she runs, and how she will chase after us to play catch. Yesterday she picked up Brunswick's leash and looked outside, even without words she communicates.  She can be a total goof one second, yet totally serious the next.  She's already got so much personality for such a little kiddo, and I just can't help but be happy when I'm with her.

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