Sunny Weekends!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend this weekend!  We finally got to see some more sunshine and hot weather after some cold and snowy April days, and oh it was fantastic to wear shorts!  In Canada April means taxes, so much fun...  A good portion of our weekend was just dedicated to getting that all sorted out, and unfortunately we aren't quite there yet.  But I'm sure with one last push we will get it done just in time to send it in.  

We had a really relaxed Saturday morning, I made breakfast while Marc slept and Anique watched Dan Mangan on youtube.  Anique wanted the song "Robots Need Love Too" to be played over and over again.  Which was kind of strange because last summer Marc, Anique and I went to an outdoor concert last summer where we saw Dan Mangan.  Anique was so tiny, and was cuddled up in the wrap carrier.  It was a rainy weekend, and as Robots Need Love Too was sung Anique and I were cuddled up underneath a blanket that a stranger had given us to keep us both dry and warm.  It was sunny, yet rainy and the whole crowd was singing along.  Totally amazing and kind of romantic.  

My inlaws came in to town that same Saturday and we had a great visit with them, we don't get to see them often enough, so it was nice to have them in town!  I was only sad because my sister in law couldn't make it, but hopefully we will be travelling to see her next weekend too.

Thanks to my brother in law, Dan, we were finally able to get the hitch we needed for our bike trailer and so we took the whole family on a nice bike ride on Sunday.  Hopefully this wonderful weather sticks around so that we can go bike riding some more, I really missed it last summer. Anique was too small for a bike helmet last year, so it really wasn't safe for her to be in the trailer.  I was a bit worried to be honest that Anique would spend the whole ride freaking out about having to wear a bike helmet.  But, since both mom and dad were wearing one, she wanted to be cool too and wear hers.  She didn't even want to take it off at the park!

Robots need love too

Tickle Monster!!

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