Some New Acquisitions

You know those days when you are wandering through a store looking for something as innocuous as a giant bin to hold dog food, and you decide to just wander the other aisles. You know, just in case.  And you pick up one thing and put it in the cart, and then you see something else, and what do you know it has a sale tag on it, and its pretty, so you put that into the cart too.  And then suddenly you have a full cart, but no dog food bin.

Totally my trip to the store today, though I did manage to actually find a dog food bin.  While normally DIY and thrift is my thing, sometimes, somedays you just find things that you really don't want to attempt to DIY or thrift.

Especially when you have three DIY projects sitting around your house staring at you every time you enter a room... and none of the gumption to just "git'r done".

Purchase number one, was a fantastic rug all bunched up in the corner.  I don't even know what drew me to it, because honestly, I don't like patterned rugs.  I like textured rugs, all wool rugs...expensive rugs.  But this one made me stop and look twice.  I'm not sure if it is because the pattern and colours are similar to cowhide or what, but I love it.  

There is one sad part though.  Its about two feet too narrow and too short for our living room, so it will probably find a home on the veranda or in the master bedroom.  

I was going to DIY a living room rug like this DIY latch hook t-shirt rug, but now I'm kind of loving patterns.

What do you think, should I DIY pattern or texture in my living room rug?

This was another thing that just made me stop and pick it up.  Who doesn't love an oragami bull?  I know I do.  I kind of want to buy another one for my bedroom.  Is that wrong?

I'm finally starting to feel like my living room is coming together, throw in some drapes and some new throw pillows and I think we will have it!

 There are more thrifted and DIY items on the way this week!!  Including a post about kid's toys, storage, and how those "before and after" photos with and without kids stuff, are usually lying.

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