Trending: Cephalopods

Or more specifically, octopuses!  These, usually, eight armed sea creatures are the latest trend to hit the home front.  The move from the sea to the domestic residence was a big evolutionary step, and it is one that I'm kind of loving.  Now everyone's home can have just a little bit of 10000 Leagues Under the Sea, without the imminent possibility of drowning.

From The Deep Plates - Anthropologie

Revamp Homegoods Octopus Triptych Tutorial by Meg
The orginal Lord Bordner's Octopus Study goes for a whopping $3550, but thankfully Meg from Revamp Homegoods created her own version of the famous triptych and was fantastic enough to share her tutorial with the internet, so now you can create your own tentacled masterpiece.

I'm hopping on this bandwagon, and fast, thanks to some wonderful Octopus printed fabric I discovered on Spoonflower recently.  

Yellow Octopus
Yellow Octopus Fabric by Bonsaimechagirl
This amazing print is going to be front and centre as my new curtains in the master bedroom!  Now all I need to do is order it and sew some curtains, super simple, right?  

Are you loving the Cephalopod trend or do you think octopuses are better left in salt water?

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