Big Changes

The reality of owning a home is spending money, the bigger the project the more money, time and people you need.  So, in two years of living in our house we haven't really had the resources to tackle some of the big projects on our wishlist.  Until this week!

Finally, we decided to start on a big redo.  The front yard.

That right there ladies and gentlemen is my completely underwhelming yard.  

It's not bad, just really boring and fairly unkempt.  Three scraggly cedars right next to my house (completely blocking sunshine by the way), an overgrown honeysuckle bush, and a sidewalk that is pretty much no longer in the ground.

So a fair portion of this last week has been devoted to this

Between Marc, myself and my brother Craig we've gotten about half of the sidewalk pulled up.  It only took an entire day.  That is a 4 inch thick, reinforced sidewalk.  I mean, if you're gonna do it, you should do it right.

The last of the sidewalk should meet it's end today, and so will a large portion of the lawn.  Perennial garden, here I come!

Busy weekend ahead, full of big changes.  The ultimate goal for the weekend will be to keep the entire front yard reno under $500 bucks.

Lot's of work ahead!

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