Relaxing Weekends

Well, I finished my last assignment for my first Syllabus class last week and it feels good.  To be perfectly honest the theory class I took was pretty similar to my undergraduate theory courses at Ryerson, with probably less expectations than Ryerson.  In the end it was pretty simple to get through and finish, but taking courses online at home while working full time with a kid is a whole different system.  Instead of classes taking up 90% of my time and focus, they really only got the measly 10% of my focus this time.  I took just one class this semester so I could see what it was like, and through it, I've determined that any of my design studios (which are run in city, so it isn't online) will be taken alone in a semester, while I could probably handle two or three other courses at a time.

Now, the next couple of weeks will be focused on finishing up my course assessment so I can get some of my credits transferred over.  Lot's of work still ahead of me I suppose.

I celebrated my completion of my first class by finishing up some outstanding DIY projects around the house, plus starting a couple of new ones.  Marc and I also spent some time this weekend taking Anique to the park where they have a "baby sized slide", which she loved!  Down the slide, up the stairs, down the slide.  That slide entertained her for hours, ok, minutes, but that's kind of like hours in baby time.

Plus, this weekend Anique kind of decided that she actually likes the swing, a little bit anyway.  It was a bit of a rainy Father's Day, but we enjoyed it outside anyway.

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